Proud to be part of a network of partners located in five Middle Eastern countries. Collaborating with our sister companies in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Palestine enhances our capabilities in research and development, broadens our product range coverage, and provides flexible supply chain solutions wherever required.


Auto Excellence, a privately held company specializing in service and parts, was established over 59 years ago as the foremost service and spare parts distribution operation in Jordan. Our extensive portfolio reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products and services to a diverse and devoted customer base.
Presently, Auto Excellence operates five service and spare parts sales outlets strategically positioned throughout Jordan, with an expanded presence in the regional markets of Iraq and Palestine. To optimize market coverage, each branch is tailored to its specific geographical area. Supported by a well-trained outdoor sales team and a fleet of delivery trucks, we ensure seamless product delivery to our trade partners around the clock.

Moving Parts - Palestine

The Haj Taher Al-Masri Company, also known as Moving Part Palestine, stands as one of Palestine's oldest private shareholding companies. Established in the twenties of the last century by the late Haj Taher Al-Masri, the company initially focused on importing, gradually diversifying its activities into the realms of industry, agriculture, and services.
In 1953, the company initiated the importation of mineral oils for automobiles, sourcing from the American Sconi Vacuum Company. The first fuel station was inaugurated on Faisal Street, a pivotal thoroughfare in Nablus, in the same year, followed by the establishment of the western station in Ard Al-Ghazalia.
We are fully prepared to provide lubricants and original spare parts for your vehicles and those of your employees, in addition to the following services:
>Providing the best international oils based on the recommendations of the vehicle's parent company.
>The possibility of sending our employee to receive your vehicle and have it examined in approved centers through specialized technicians.
>After receiving and examining, we offer you the best quotations for the finest original products based on the recommendation of technicians.
>After completing the vehicle maintenance, it is washed, cleaned, and returned to you with a gift from the company.

Moving Parts - Emirates

Moving Parts Dubai stands as our flagship manufacturing brand, with our central office and warehouse located in Dubai. Our manufacturing operations extend to Europe and China.
We contribute to the market by distributing spare parts sourced from global manufacturers, presenting them in distinctive Moving Parts brand packaging. Leveraging our extensive expertise in various vehicle and truck spare parts, as well as select lubricants and batteries, and our expansive network of partners, we ensure a robust supply chain. Notably, as brand owners, we serve as a primary supply source for our affiliated companies in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the West Bank. Although the company is only three years old, the brand carries a legacy from earlier times.
The majority of our products are manufactured in Europe, particularly Germany, ensuring that our parts come with a guarantee against any manufacturing defects, while our batteries are backed by a one-year warranty.
In Dubai, our primary focus is on fulfilling large-volume orders, catering to numerous customers for whom we directly deliver specific spare parts from the port to their warehouses. This underscores our commitment to sourcing top-quality and efficient products from global brands at more reasonable prices. We prioritize quality, as your satisfaction is paramount.

Al Motkamelah AL Oula Auto Parts Co

First Complete is an automotive spare parts company headquartered in Jeddah placed as a leading service and spare parts distribution operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We want to maintain our position as a market leader and dependable supplier of automotive parts. Meanwhile, we have a vision to continue expanding our distribution network, growing our business, covering new technologies. Moreover, we are aiming to contribute to the growth of our customers by following car manufacturer expansions, filling all market gaps, launching systematic operations, and making ordering much easier. We can do this through developing more stable purchasing and logistics new platforms, and ultimately becoming renowned for giving them the confidence to rise to challenges through quashing.
We are on a mission to provide superior sales experiences in the industry to our diverse network of retail and wholesale customers. As a result, we are prepared to stock the optimal amount of excellent original spare parts that meet their needs while maintaining high levels of readiness for our sales capacity.
In the coming period, our priority will be to focus on developing quality business relationships with customers and establishing stronger rapport with partners while maintaining a healthy workforce environment for our employees.