FUJITA BRAKE manufactures high quality ceramic brake pads based on Japanese OEM technology, for a variety of Asian applications. We strive to engineer superior brake pads that not only deliver a stunning driving experience, but also continuously strive to preserve the environment for future generations by manufacturing brakes that are asbestos-free and eco-friendly.
Our legacy is to ensure our customers their pursuit of safe driving!
FUJITA BRAKE products are scorched to remove impurities in the friction material, a process which eliminates the need for initial break-in, thus reducing noise associated with pad glazing. All products undergo a variety of rigorous testing methods in our advanced testing facilities to ensure the safety of each driver.
FUJITA BRAKE’s state of the art “Positive Mold” manufacturing process improves braking, increased fade resistance and superior pad and rotor life for high performance brake applications.
FUJITA BRAKE offers drivers the confidence to drive in any terrain with control, safety and power, with the maximum performance and potential of the vehicle in mind.
When choosing the perfect brake pads, whether it be for daily driving or racing, FUJITA BRAKE has got you covered!